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Data science should be a rich mountain of innovations to mine, not a valley of "thought experiments" where ideas and outcomes rarely see the light of day.

We have a team of proven innovators who know how to quickly digest business requirements, dive into your data, generate product prototypes and data models, and articulate them back to business and technology stakeholders to close the loop.


Our data science service will utilize your existing data at any stage of maturity, whether it is generated by customers, users, sales, hospitals, or even social media channels. We assess what external data sources can be added to the mix to drive further insights and products, and customize an actionable plan of what to do with the data - today, tomorrow, and a year from now.


Data science isn’t complete until it is actionable. Instead of long Powerpoints or convoluted Excel sheets, we empower you with tools and workflows to start using your data to generate clear and simple action items to drive your business forward.

I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.

Abraham Maslow, The Psychology of Science

We don't just pick the buzziest terms and approaches, and fit your problems to them. We open ourselves up to all possible approaches, from many different disciplines, and pick the right one for your use cases. Our team has deep academic and functional expertise in machine learning, statistics, natural language processing, and systems models, and the real-world experience across multiple industries to tailor these approaches to business outcomes.  

From day 1, we start rapidly prototyping customized and cutting edge internal- and external-facing data models and analytics products to:

  • Automate, scale, and improve the manual insights your company already generates

  • Segment and target customers and potential users

  • Forecast sales and predict behavioral patterns

  • Track emerging issues and predict trends on social media

  • Translate healthcare data into patient and providers models that can inform cost saving for patients, providers, hospital networks, and payors

Our next step is to set you up for tomorrow. We structure the first iteration of data assets that can immediately be used to prototype the next generation of data models for your business and drive growth for the next quarter and beyond. 



We are former academics and business analysts, who decided to move away from the theory behind data science approaches and focus on applications. The lessons we learned from our time in the private sector were many. The biggest one was that the theory and approaches we sat on can and should be democratized and easily articulated.


Build things as if you are trying to work yourself out of a job. 

Listen first, and decide what you want to do second. 

Never overlook the experience and needs at all levels of an organization.


More than anything else, we have seen that our relationships have made us more diverse and adaptable in our thinking. We learn something important about the world from every client we work with, and place immense value on every single conversation and lesson. 



Ringer Sciences is the data science and analytics partner of The Next Practice, a founder-driven collective of firms that form common teams to create perpetual competitive advantage and value for our clients.