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Offerings & Services

Audience Architecture

Discover and build a custom panel of your target audience. Determine what topics, content, media outlets, influencers, messages, and language resonate best with your target audience, enabling you to reach them exactly where they are.

Customer Data Models

Identify the strength of relationships between data points to make informed, strategic business decisions with a direct focus to factors that have the largest impact on business outcomes.

PESO Audit

Develop a media framework to inform communication strategy and track omnichannel success across four media types - Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned media through an interactive dashboard.

Conversation Landscape

Explore online discussions relevant to your industry and/or brand to better understand the current conversation and social media climate. Uncover targeted insights and recommendations surrounding competitors, lexicon, drivers and barriers, notable voices, and important themes.

Digital Marketing Dashboards

Gain real-time campaign performance and marketing ROI insights through an interactive report to proactively adjust and modify marketing efforts such as campaign and channel spend, and inform business intelligence.

Survey Analytics

Collect primary source data to inform trends and areas of opportunity for clients. Generate survey insights and visuals on target audience’s opinions, needs, and feedback on specific topics.

Crisis & Social Monitoring

Receive timely and actionable updates to respond, identify and correct, and track online mentions. Keep tabs on trending content, notable voices, and messaging to inform necessary responses and/or action around a major event, news, announcement, or milestone.

Influencer Analysis

Identify and score the ideal influential individuals and/or groups for partnership opportunities and content creation. Determine influencer affinities, interests, and social trends to align social strategy and bolster campaign objectives.

Trend Forecasting

Receive informative visualizations and prescriptive recommendations from trend predictions using historical data that enable action guidance for future shifts.

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