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Ringer Sciences Introduces AlignEd: Empowering Higher Education Institutions to Leverage their Institutional Identity and Excel in National Rankings

Updated: Apr 7

AUSTIN, TX – Ringer Sciences is proud to introduce AlignEd, the first product offering designed to innovate higher education by empowering institutions to assert ownership of their brand and identity while enhancing institutional effectiveness and communication. AlignEd is specifically designed to bridge the gap between deep audience insights and the unique needs of academic institutions and their communities. Through proprietary AI-powered data analytics methodologies, AlignEd will help elevate universities to the forefront of collegiate national rankings. 

Drawing on our experience delivering actionable intelligence across multiple industries through cutting-edge data analytics, AlignEd harnesses and expands upon Ringer Sciences’ existing offerings, such as Audience Architecture and Reputational Correlation Analyses, while incorporating subject matter expertise in higher education. This enables AlignEd to offer solutions that address the unique audiences and conversations affecting colleges and universities. At its core, the offering seeks to provide clear, sophisticated solutions to the many modern challenges facing different populations within the higher education community. At the university level, these solutions will include fashioning precise and actionable reports drawing on traditional and advanced analytics that equip academic institutions with valuable intelligence to enhance their standing on industry rankings and better partner with their communities. At the student level, they will include engineering interactive chat interfaces that assist prospective and existing students with accurate curricular information to facilitate swift completion of degrees and timely graduation. 

AlignEd is designed to support institutions in navigating the complex dynamics of today’s educational environment by leveraging several key features. These features include: 

  • Deep Audience Insights: Advanced research that informs an understanding of community perspectives, preferences, and needs. 

  • Strategic Enrollment Management: Predictive analytics that help improve recruitment efforts, increase retention rates, and enhance overall student success. 

  • University-Specific Chatbots (LLMs): Generative AI tool that helps advisors and their students coordinate their course schedules across various majors, minors, and concentrations to ensure prompt graduation by an anticipated date, with opportunity to expand to similar interfaces for extracurricular and student life offerings. 

  • Personalized Engagement: Customized communication and engagement strategies that resonate with students, alumni, faculty, donors, parents and families, and other key groups. 

“This new product offering from Ringer Sciences is tailored for the higher education sector, recognizing the unique context of each university,” Evan Gallagher, Higher Education Practice Lead at Ringer Sciences, said. “Unlike a one-size-fits-all approach, AlignEd is designed to understand and adapt to the distinct identity and cultural nuances of each university.” 

“We are thrilled to build on Ringer Sciences’ existing portfolio of custom product offerings by expanding further into the higher education space with AlignEd,” Garrett Bond, Senior Director of Analytics, said. “Providing this unique communications service to a sector with clear use cases for our advanced analytics allows us to build on the organizational philosophy of leveraging the right data at the right time through the right audiences to create the biggest impact.” 

AlignEd is now available to higher education institutions seeking to elevate their online reputation and take the next step in becoming a top-ranked institution.  

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