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What is Ringer All About?

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Our story begins in 2018 with a group of academics and business analysts who set out with a goal to democratize data. Our mission was to empower clients to make informed, data-backed decisions irrespective of their technology or data science backgrounds. In turn, we moved away from theoretical approaches and into application, arming our clients with the ability to understand, articulate, and use insights to solve their specific business problems.

Our strategy starts by listening to our client’s individual needs. This not only includes addressing overt problems at hand, but going a step further to consider needs at all levels of the organization. By looking at the organization as a whole, we can provide strategic and actionable recommendations that create a sustainable pipeline to drive long-term goals. Ultimately, this allows us to accurately answer questions that move the needle forward such as, How does the strategy affect business profitability in a month from now? How will this solution impact growth one year from now?

Answering our client's questions is an equal exchange: just as our clients gain valuable, data-driven insights to guide their strategies, we gain knowledge and expertise applicable across other industries and brands providing a diversely adaptable perspective. As a result, we prioritize these relationships and value every conversation and lesson. It is through these relationships that we have developed a tried and true approach that extends across our clients and resides in three core pillars: fast, introspective and actionable insights. Our unique three-pronged approach is what sets us apart from other firms as we deliver prescriptive, actionable insights tailored directly to your business needs.

Our Three-Pronged Approach:

1. Fast

As proven innovators, we know how to quickly digest business requirements, dive into your data, generate data models, craft actionable insights, and articulate them back to business and technology stakeholders to close the loop.

2. Introspective

Our teams will utilize your existing data at any stage of maturity, whether it is generated by customers, users, sales, hospitals, or even social media channels. We assess what external data sources can be leveraged in addition to, or in place of existing data to drive further insights and products, and customize an action plan of how to leverage the data - today, tomorrow, and a year from now.

3. Actionable

Data science and analysis isn’t complete until it is actionable. Instead of complicated Powerpoints or convoluted Excel sheets, we empower you with tools and workflows to start using your data to generate clear and simple action items to drive your business forward.

Through this approach, we can solve any problem or challenge we face, while allowing us to stay flexible and adapt our strategy to any client ask. We recognize that each industry, brand, and audience is unique to our client, and our services are aligned with this initiative in mind.

“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”

- Abraham Maslow, The Psychology of Science

Just like clothes shouldn't be one size fits all, neither should an analytics approach. We don't make your problem fit our approach, instead we fit our approach to your problem. We consider all possible routes to answering your questions across our team's combined expertise, previous work, and targeted research in order to create a custom solution for your use case. Our team possesses deep academic and functional expertise in machine learning, statistics, natural language processing, and systems models, as well as real-world experience spanning across industries that are leveraged to innovate and implement strategies that help you.

Our customized solutions arm our clients from day one with resources to:

  • Automate, scale, and improve the manual insights your company already generates

  • Segment and target customers and potential users for lead generation

  • Forecast sales and predict behavioral patterns

  • Track emerging issues and predict trends on social media

  • Translate healthcare data into patient and providers models that can inform cost saving for patients, providers, hospital networks, and payors

Ultimately, our goal is to set you up for tomorrow. It is through our prior experience, unique approach, and customized solutions that we are able to set you up today with clear next steps that drive growth for the next quarter and beyond.

For specific examples of how we’ve worked closely with clients and set them up with precise recommendations and outlined opportunities, check out our case studies.

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